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We put your community in the lead by supporting you through the application process.

Applying to The Ideas Fund

Bring your ideas to life and use research to help your community with funding and support from The Ideas Fund.

Am I eligible?

Take our quick eligibility quiz to see if The Ideas Fund might be a good fit for you and your idea... (Please note it works best on a desktop computer!)

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The application process

The application process is simple and supportive - there are no complicated forms to fill in and our Development Coordinators will help you work out how much your idea will cost, put you in touch with professional researchers or other communities and support you through the process.


1. Pre-application workshops

We held three pre-application workshops during February and March, for people to find out more about the Fund. You can find the recordings and resources from these sessions here:

Why The Ideas Fund? Welcome and Introduction.

What does Mental Wellbeing mean to you?

What does your ideal partnership look like?

Development Coordinators, who provide local support for applicants, are also running tailored sessions in their area. These vary by area so get in touch with the Development Coordinator in your area to find out more.


2. Development Coordinators

We have Development Coordinators in each of our four target areas, and they know the local area and what we're looking for really well. It's their role to support people through the whole application process, and beyond if you're successful. Before you apply you should speak to the Development Coordinator in your local area. They can tell you a bit more about The Ideas Fund, and are able to offer advice and support with your application, including linking up communities and researchers. You can find contact details for your region below.

Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Our Development Coordinator for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is Lewis, from Science Ceilidh. He'll also be collaborating with local partners across the region including UHI Division of Rural Health and Wellbeing to support applicants. You can get in touch with him at:

Lewis Hou



Our Development Coordinators for Hull are Kate Macdonald from Timebank, Harriet Johnson from Two Ridings Community Foundation and Gill Hughes from the University of Hull. They'll be working together across the city to make sure you've got the right help. You can get in touch with them by contacting Harriet:

Harriet Johnson


North West Northern Ireland (Derry & Strabane)

Our Development Coordinators for the Derry & Strabane area are from North West Community Network and Developing Healthy Communities. They'll be working together to support potential applicants, and you can get in touch by contacting Roisin:

Roisin McLaughlin



Our Development Coordinators in Oldham are from an organisation called Vocal. You can get in touch to ask questions and get support before you apply by contacting Paolo:

Paolo Arru



3. Online application

Once you're ready to apply there is an online application to complete. You can speak to your local Development Coordinator if you need any extra help with this, and can also view all the questions we will ask here. Once your submit your application, we may be in touch for a brief chat to ensure we have all the information we need to assess your idea.

The the closing date for applications is midday on 14 May 2021.


4. Panel and plans

Applications will be assessed by a panel made up of community members and researchers from the four areas, supported by The Ideas Fund team. The panel will be trying to fund a collection of projects which are all different in some way to maximise the potential for learning.

If you want a grant for a more developed idea, with a higher level of funding, we'll be in touch to ask for a plan for the delivery of your project if the panel decides to progress your application.

We expect to make announcements about successful projects by the end of July 2021.

Start your application

When you've joined or listened back to the workshops and spoken to a Development Coordinator, and are ready to tell us about your idea, you can complete our application form. The deadline is midday on 14 May 2021. Please note, the form works best on a desktop computer.

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